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Because communities of color defend themselves as much against a culture of white supremacy as they do against bodily harm, their self-defense undermines existing social hierarchies, ideologies, and identities. If we were to limit ourselves to the language of individual rights, these interconnections would remain concealed. Violence against women (but not only women), for example, has a gendering function, enforcing norms of feminine subordination and vulnerability. Resistance to such violence not only defends the body but also undermines gender and sexual norms, subverting hetero-masculine dominance and the notions of femininity or queerness it perpetuates. Since the social structures and identities of race, gender, class, and ability intersect in our lives, practices of self-defense can and often must challenge structures of oppression on multiple fronts simultaneously.
FMA’s hand-to-hand fighting follows the principle that the same stick techniques can be applied without the stick since the stick is only an extension of the body. Although the resulting techniques are not too bad, I have seen better.
Pepper (OC) spray is used extensively by military and police units as a non-lethal weapon to subdue aggressors. It is also available for purchase for civilian use in most states for defense against other people or even dogs or bears.
You may be attacked by more than one opponent, thus you need to train for that possibility. While it’s extremely difficult to fight multiple opponents with sport based rules, it can be done in a no rules environment, especially where weapons are allowed. A hard finger jab to the eye of one attacker, for example, can put him out of commission while you deal with the second. Training methods where you practice blasting through multiple opponents in order to run or get a better position are also a necessity.
A lot of people will not take a self defense course because they think it’s too hard or they don’t have enough experience. C.O.B.R.A.™ was created for the widest range of students. The following is a brief list of occupations, ages and experiences of some of our C.O.B.R.A.™ graduates:
Line is the abbreviated name of “Linear Infighting Neural Override Engagement”, this lethal warfare technique accommodating the combination of various martial arts techniques including Judo’s classical “hip-throws” was used by the US Marine Corps throughout the 1990’s and is still employed by numerous special forces.
Front Sight`s martial arts courses are perfect for the novice and experienced fighter alike because our reality-based techniques quickly build and polish your skills. Front Sight`s staff consists of world-class martial artists and defensive tactics instructors who have successfully integrated numerous styles of martial arts into one cohesive system. This system has proven very successful in stopping fights, is easy to learn, and is enjoyable to practice. You will learn how to defend yourself against a single attacker, both armed and unarmed. Front Sight`s martial arts program is the leader in the industry because we teach only realistic techniques which will save your life should the need ever arise.
The best way — in fact the only way — to prepare yourself to fight off an attacker is to take a self-defense class. We’d love to give you all the right moves in an article, but some things you just have to learn in person.
That confrontation, he says, ended with the men commiserating over Richard’s recent failed relationship with his fiance. Yes, this even works if the aggressive party is drunk. Especially if they’re in Richard’s experience. “Because the second you show respect and kindness, they’re going to become your best friend, for the most part … when you approach the situation, be nice, be polite. You disarm the individual this way … be nice, [but] be prepared.”
Due to the instructor’s lack of either experience, research or both into the complexities of violence, students are given a false sense of security and an overblown belief in their ability to handle themselves in a violent situation. It’s easy to believe you’re “tough” in the training hall, but that isn’t enough to save you when it comes to actual violence. This is why many programs are in fact more dangerous to the student than no training at all. Students, believing that they can handle themselves, will attempt to fight instead of run. One of the saddest examples we know of is when a young ‘star’ of a commercialized dojo encountered a mentally ill chemically addicted person with a knife. But before he was ever wounded the young black belt had violated every awareness and avoidance principle in the book. His training actually interfered with his threat assessment … because “he knew karate.”
Submissions like the triangle choke are extremely dangerous in the street – I’m not putting my genitals (or my femoral artery) near anyone’s mouth who means to do me harm. Even a basic arm bar (ude hisghigi juji gatame) can put you in harms way because you actually take your weight off of your attacker, it exposes your genitals and put your leg right over his mouth. 
Kalaripayattu is a famous Indian martial arts form. It originated from the land of Kerala and is one of the oldest forms of fighting existing today. It is said to have originated from the Chola dynasty and was practiced by many of the reigning kings of India, most famous amongst them was the great King Ashok. Kalaripayattu is practiced in the most part of the south India and today there are lots of schools have started to teach Kalaripayattu as a sport, recognizing the cultural and historical importance of the martial art form.
If you did decide on a martial art though, try Judo, thats amazing for woman’s self defence compared to most of them, you get to learn some really useful throws/holds and dont get hurt too much while training it. Brazilian Ju Jitsu would be another potential but its quite rough and tumble to learn so only any good if you enjoy that not just cause you want to learn self defence.
Therefore, it contributes to convenient reloading. However, the primer style which is famous  outside of the United States is the berdan-primed ammo (just for your information).The primer usually comes with a nickel-plated and brass construction which comes in handy to ensure that it remains corrosion-free in the long run, thus contributing to its durability.
At the National Negro Convention in 1843, Reverend Henry Highland Garnet issued a rare public call for large-scale resistance to slavery: “Let your motto be resistance! resistance! resistance! No oppressed people have ever secured their liberty without resistance. What kind of resistance you had better make, you must decide by the circumstances that surround you, and according to the suggestion of expediency.” I describe resistance as opposition to the existing social order from within, and, as Garnet suggested, it can take different forms, such as self-defense, insurrection, or revolution. We can think of an insurrection as a limited armed revolt or rebellion against an authority, such as a state government, occupying power, or even slave owner. It is a form of illegal resistance, often with localized objectives, as in Shays’ Rebellion (1786), Nat Turner’s Rebellion (1831), the insurrections on the Amistad (1839) and Creole (1841), the coal miner Battle of Blair Mountain (1921), Watts (1965), Stonewall (1969), and Attica (1971).
I personally prefer the Israeli Krav Maga Federation but only because they focus more on situations then techniques and because they update their techniques on a regular basis based on military experience. Do not know a lot from combat krav maga so can’t really comment. Urban Krav Maga seems to have a lot of guys from Moni Aizik’s CKM so don’t expect them to have any connection with the direct Krav Maga lineage. But that doesn’t mean it’s not effective as CKM was not bad system in itself. Best is to try and see it for yourself. All the best
We all exist within hierarchical social structures and the meaning and function of violence, self-defensive or otherwise, will be determined by our position vis-à-vis others in these structures. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, for example, described the self-defensive practices of the Black Panther Party as “the greatest threat to the internal security of the country” and thus insurrectionary, if not revolutionary. Surely his assessment had more to do with the threat self-reliant black communities posed to white domination in the country than with the security of government institutions. “When people say that they are opposed to Negroes ‘resorting to violence,’” writes Williams, “what they really mean is that they are opposed to Negroes defending themselves and challenging the exclusive monopoly of violence practiced by white racists.” These structures of domination and monopolies of violence are forms of rule that operate in the family, the city, and the colony, and resistance to their violence, both dramatic and mundane, “makes known” the selves of the subjugated.
I want to thank you for telling the truth re self-defense and violence. I am a Brazilian Juijitsu fighter and at the age of 52 I know what works and what just looks good. There are so many “belt mills” in America fooling countless young men and women into thinking they are prepared for street violence. A voice like yours is greatly needed and appreciated. Thanks again.
The ‘youngest’ of all martial arts disciplines on this list, Keysi Fighting Method (KFM) was created by Justo Dieguez and Andy Norman. If you are impressed with Batman’s fighting style in Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Night’ trilogies, you have these two fighters to thank.
Someone may be interested in a self-defense workout for many different reasons. For one, certain people may live in areas where crime is common and self-defense is a necessity for “survival.” In other cases, people may want to learn self-defense and become stronger just in case or to boost their confidence. Also, self-defense workouts may relieve a lot of stress that a person may have.
We took the C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Class due to my being mugged 6 months ago. I never thought I would feel so empowered as I do now. I hope that no one ever has to feel the adrenaline rush of a true mugging or the fear that comes after it. This class gave us the basis for protecting ourselves and our loved ones!! Thank you Chris, C.O.B.R.A. instructors and everyone, including some amazing classmates, for a wonderful, LIFE ALTERING EXPERIENCE!!! We will be taking this class again and again!! Go C.O.B.R.A.!!!”
Weighing 142 grains, the bullet travels at a muzzle velocity measuring 1420 fps, with muzzle energy measuring 636 ft lbs. The theory of the muzzle energy and velocity is rather simple; the heavier the bullet, the higher the energy and velocity therefore contributing to a more devastating result when in contact with the target.
Staying up is key in determining who will win the fight, and how properly you can defend yourself. Much of the power in a punch comes from the pivoting motion of your hips and legs, and therefore, it is important to have a solid base from which to throw a defensive counter.
Any woman with the desire to share this information with other women may become an instructor. Men who wish to become RAD instructors must have a law enforcement background or be willing to submit to a background investigation.
The sport of Judo is perhaps one of the most well known martial arts due to its inclusion in the Olympic Games. Judo is free to watch and is broadcast live across the world on You Tube. So what makes this sport so great for self-defence?
Understand your surroundings. Walk or hang out in areas that are open, well lit, and well traveled. Become familiar with the buildings, parking lots, parks, and other places you walk. Pay particular attention to places where someone could hide — such as stairways and bushes.
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