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This, however, is not Krav Maga as created by Imi Lichtenfield, and one should not be confused by the two. I personally think Moni just incorporated the word Krav Maga as a sales gimmick to attract people. Nonetheless, it is an effective martial art, and all of the moves and techniques are applicable in real life. I actually found a lot of similarities between Combat Krav Maga (CKM) and Combat Sambo, probably because both arts have roots in Jiu Jitsu.
Furthermore, it comes with a total of 50 rounds where these 50 rounds are packed neatly in a box for easy handling and removal when needed. As mentioned above, these rounds are designed specifically for target training which is just basically punching through paper targets.
It depends on what you are looking for in your art. BJJ is very effective for one-on-one fighting but for street defence where more then one person is involved it might be a challenge. It has to be supplemented with something like Muay Thai or Krav Maga. Escrima takes longer to learn but it focuses more on self defence and street fighting so once again it depends on what you are looking for and how long you are planning to do it. All the best.
Training methods are more important than techniques. With great training even relatively ineffective techniques can be made to work. But with poor training, excellent techniques will fail when you need them most. In fact, with poor training you probably won’t even have a chance to attempt a technique.
Since I have been doing it for quite a long time now (7 years), it functions quite well as a supplementary martial art to my Muay Thai and BJJ (main martial arts) as it teaches excellent balance manipulation skills. It is however in my opinion not sufficient as a self defence martial art on its own not taking into account the exceptions. So to sum up it compliments all my main martial art styles and that is why I practice it. All the best
The techniques I studied were similar to Muay Thai with the addition of knife and gun techniques. The reason I picked this art as one of my top five was its marginal simplicity, being a bit easier to master than the grappling forms of self-defence. It involves a lot of strikes rather than grabs making it easier to apply, since the area where the technique can be applied is much bigger than in grappling. I found almost all the techniques functional for a street situation. However, a few moves were exceptions and wouldn’t be so effective if common external factors, such as the attacker reacting in a resistant manner, kicked in. All in all, though, this art will teach you how to defend your life if necessary, even if your attacker is wielding a knife or a gun.
Self-defense as resistance from below is a fundamental violation of the most prevalent social and political norms, as well as our bodily habits. As McCaughey writes: “The feminine demeanor that comes so ‘naturally’ to women, a collection of specific habits that otherwise may not seem problematic, is precisely what makes us terrible fighters. Suddenly we see how these habits that make us vulnerable and that aestheticize that vulnerability are encouraged in us by a sexist culture.” Organized examples of resistance to this structured vulnerability include the Gulabi or Pink Sari Gang in Uttar Pradesh, India; Edith Garrud’s Bodyguard suffragettes, who trained in jujitsu; as well as numerous queer and feminist street patrol groups, including the Pink Panthers. McCaughey calls these self-defensive practices “feminism in the flesh,” because they are simultaneously resisting the violence of patriarchy, while reconfiguring and empowering one’s body and self-understanding. We could similarly think of the self-defensive practices of the Black Panthers, Young Lords, Deacons for Defense and Justice, Brown Berets, and the American Indian Movement as anti-racist, as decolonization in the flesh.
The Terminator has an internal rechargeable battery, which removes the need to find 9V batteries all the time. It also has a built in super bright LED light which is good for temporarily disorienting an aggressor, allowing you to move in for the “kill”.
“I am an American boxer. Years ago, I was walking down the street one night in college and two guys walking toward me block my path and tell me to give my wallet. One is about 6’2″, the other about 5’9″ (I am 5’7″). I told them to leave me alone and tried to walk around the big one. He pushed me back. At this point, I backed up and moved laterally, putting the big one between me and the little one. (I only wanted to deal with one threat at a time and biggest came first) so without wasting any time I threw a tight right hook to his head, which put him on his knees. I threw a right shovel hook to his lowered head and knocked him unconscious. Now his smaller friend, in a panic, fell back on the ground. He started to hit me in the back of the head, which from his position just felt like raindrops. I postured up and locked my right arm against his left shoulder before dropping my left forearm directly on his jaw, also leaving him unconscious.” – Unknown (Sourced from a Reddit forum).
Thanks for the reply Martial Artist. But the krav place you listed is now shut down, but for some reason they left the site up. I may need to move when I graduate from school, maybe not, I guess Ill ask then. Right now Im training Jiu Jitsu, All the best.
In terms of packaging on the other hand, they are usually packed in trays, in an organized manner. However, the Federal American Eagle comes tray-less which results in a smaller box that is portable however, it all comes down to your personal preference as long as you can take out the ammo with maximum ease and convenience.
History: If you’re wondering why, on a list of self-defense martial arts, we’ve got a big picture of Bruce Lee, it’s because he is the creator and founder responsible for the fighting style known as Jeet Kune Do. July 9th, 1969 is JKD’s birthday, but it’s roots actually date back a bit further. Specifically to Bruce Lee’s mentor, Ip Man. It was through his teachings of Wing Chung kung fu that Bruce Lee learned the founding skills and principles that would lead him to become one of the world’s most famous and most accomplished martial artists. Today, there are number of JKD schools around the world, some of which with instructors who learned from Bruce Lee himself. Similarly, there are a few examples in popular culture of practitioners of the martial art – including Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Brandon Lee (his son), and Nicolas Cage.
Contact Flow Workshop: If you’ve ever had a private lesson with Grandmaster Tim Carron you know how unique and devastating his contact flow is. Follow along as John Perkins’ top student works one-on-one with many of our black belts at a private Contact Flow Workshop we held in early 2009. Tim’s precision, economy of motion and sensitivity are real eye-openers, and his personal expression of the art looks different than GC creator John Perkin’s (even though the principles are the same) making this DVD an invaluable training tool for advanced practitioners. The reason we say this is because unless you’ve worked with him or at least have strong foundation in Guided Chaos you won’t really be able to appreciate what you’re seeing.
If you’re looking to learn the fastest, simplest method of defending your life then we’d recommend “How To Fight For Your Life”, the Guided Chaos Combatives (GCC) manual. GCC is the first part of Guided Chaos and can be mastered in 6 weeks of diligent practice. The GCC DVD (see info further down) is the perfect video companion to the GCC manual.
Brad Steiner: While this is a good point, it may not be the best tip for someone unskilled in karate. It does take a bit of dexterity and training before the elbow, per se, may be employed reliably as a weapon — especially by a woman in normal attire, against a large, strong male. I would recommend driving open and extended fingers-to-eyes, or using a chinjab followed by raising the elbow of the striking arm and then eye-gouging. BITING, if grabbed hold of, and kicking like crazy, is also good. Just opening the hand and whipping a surprise handaxe to the throat is also good. Head butting is effective. I would prefer these methods because, for the complete novice, they are more likely to be delivered with sufficient force and effectiveness to facilitate escape.
These 2 types differ in terms of expansion and penetration. Having the right amount of expansion and penetration is essential, however it also depends on the type of activity you’re using the ammo for. For instance, it should have deeper penetration characteristics if you’re hunting, especially for larger games meanwhile for range training, the penetration don’t matter that much because after all, you’ll just be punching holes in paper targets.
Some fight purists would scoff at this being ranked No. 2, but let me explain: Krav Maga’s emphasis on completely disabling the opponent is what earned it such a high ranking. It’s the Israeli Defense Forces’ self-defense system for a reason. Combining strikes, throws and submissions with what many consider  “dirty” tactics (groin pulling, eye gouging, neck strikes, small-joint manipulation), Krav Maga is extremely effective in real-world scenarios. If you’re fighting for your life, this is the art to know.
All Martial Arts are good for the young and fast. But speaking for the senior set a firearm, with the appropriate training, is best. If you live in a non-constitution state, or just don’t like firearms, then a walking cane is appropriate. A cane can be carried anywhere, and with minimum training can be a very effective self-defense weapon.
Strikes to the face and head are important, but the attacker will expect them, so instead, block his right-handed attack with your left fist (or vice versa), and punch with your other hand straight into the soft spot below his sternum as hard as possible, twisting the hips. This target is the solar plexus, and will incapacitate him as effectively as a strike to the groin.
What makes Krav Maga so effective when it comes to self-defense is its emphasis on reality based training where the main goal is to neutralize the attacker(s) as fast as possible. There are no set rules or routines in Krav Maga. And unlike many other disciplines, you are encouraged to execute defensive and offensive moves simultaneously in order to protect yourself from harm. 
Based on simple principles and instinctive movements, our Krav Krav Maga self-defense classes are intended to teach methods exceptionally effective for personal protection in the shortest possible time. Attend our worldwide courses to learn how to defend against violent chokes, grabs, and strikes, as well as serious threats armed with weapons.
​“I never thought 2 years ago that I will take a self defense class, but when my twin daughters were enrolled in it I would watch the class and think, “Man, I’d like to learn that.” So, at the age of 52, I enrolled in the class and 9 months later I took my first belt test, which like to have killed me. But it was a “badge of honor”, as Jack calls it. I felt proud that I accomplished something like that. I will continue to take it because of the way it makes me feel.”– Julie Pritchett
I attended a class in Maryland in Sykesville Tae Kwon Do it was great! Definitely worth the cost, and super-beneficial. I feel much more confident since I moved to the city. Their website is here http://sykesvilletaekwondo.com/our-programs/self-defense-seminars/

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