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Never ignore a “bad feeling”!! Police statistics show that in 90% of attacks the victim “felt something was wrong” BEFORE anything happened but ignored gut instincts. If you pay attention to your environment [note in story above she wore “earbuds”] and can escape, you won’t have to fight.
Normally, I like to recommend pepper (OC) spray — if you can only carry one weapon with you. In most situations, pepper (OC) spray is a much more effective weapon than a stun-gun, since the effects last longer.
If you want to receive the best self defense training possible, you’ll need to put an equal amount of effort into your flexibility as you do your strength. Unfortunately, many Krav Maga beginners get so excited about learning this powerful system that they tend to neglect flexibility work. It can be difficult to slow down and stretch when all you want to do is move, but experts agree that improving flexibility is just as, if not more, important than actual self-defense training.
This is because boxers train on average for 4 years to do just that: punch properly. They are not allowed to kick, so their hands are all they have. Consider that Rocky Marciano knocked out Rex Layne with an off-balance, out-of-reach right hand, covered with a 16-ounce leather glove. This punch knocked Layne’s mouthpiece 10 feet across the ring, out of clenched jaws, and sheared off four of his teeth at the gumline.
First, You cannot focus on only one aspect and expect your “self-defense” to work. For example, physical application is the most basic and simplest skill set. It is also the last ditch, extreme response. If a situation goes physical it generally means you have not applied the other skill sets correctly. You have allowed the situation to develop to an extreme. Unfortunately, physical force is also the most unreliable of responses. And, as you are now in an extreme, if it fails, you are in deep trouble. It is literally jumping out of a plane with only one parachute that has a 50/50 chance of not working..
Contact Flow Workshop: If you’ve ever had a private lesson with Grandmaster Tim Carron you know how unique and devastating his contact flow is. Follow along as John Perkins’ top student works one-on-one with many of our black belts at a private Contact Flow Workshop we held in early 2009. Tim’s precision, economy of motion and sensitivity are real eye-openers, and his personal expression of the art looks different than GC creator John Perkin’s (even though the principles are the same) making this DVD an invaluable training tool for advanced practitioners. The reason we say this is because unless you’ve worked with him or at least have a strong foundation in Guided Chaos you won’t really be able to appreciate what you’re seeing.
Longer answer: The best tactic for self defence is not to get in the fight in the first place. The hundred meter dash is a great tool. If you enter into a fight, you will get hurt. It should be when you have no resort and someone is actively trying to kill you – and this is seldom the case. Anything short of that – just throw your wallet at them and run away when they pick it up.
Taekwondo is Korean form of martial art, which originated and was developed in South Korea especially around Seoul. It’s characterized by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks. The techniques of taekwondo were initially developed from elements of karate and Chinese martial arts but later on, further developments were made, which over time gave way to the modern form of taekwondo, a widely practiced form of martial arts today.The South Korean Armed forces have adopted taekwondo as their major form combat technique. Taekwondo became an Olympic event in the year of 2000.Interestingly India has also a made a Taekwondo federation back in the year 1969 for the betterment of this sport.
A person claiming self-defense must prove at trial that the self-defense was justified. Generally a person may use reasonable force when it appears reasonably necessary to prevent an impending injury. A person using force in self-defense should use only so much force as is required to repel the attack. Nondeadly force can be used to repel either a nondeadly attack or a deadly attack. Deadly Force may be used to fend off an attacker who is using deadly force but may not be used to repel an attacker who is not using deadly force.
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The number of rounds solely depends on what you plan to use the ammunition for; either self-defense or range training. If you plan on going range training, it is best if you bought the ammo in bulks so you can fire hundreds of round continuously for practice not forgetting, it is a lot cheaper per round when you buy them in bulk.
The Crew Member Self Defense Training Program provides four-hours of training to prepare active crew members of all domestic scheduled carriers for potential physical altercations both on and off the aircraft.

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