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The question, however, as others on this thread have indicated, is which martial art makes sense for you in terms of the time you will dedicate to it. These are very personal choices, and I always recommend that someone who is interested in martial arts visit a number of different schools of different styles, always interview the instructors to understand the school’s philosophy (and to determine if the instructors are of good character — which is very important), then try a couple of classes to see if it’s something that you will be willing to dedicated at least the next five years of your life to practicing. Because that’s how long it takes at a minimum to become proficient enough that you can say you are a fighter, not a martial dancer.

If you’re looking to learn the fastest, simplest method of defending your life then we’d recommend “How To Fight For Your Life”, the Guided Chaos Combatives (GCC) manual. GCC is the first part of Guided Chaos and can be mastered in 6 weeks of diligent practice. The GCC DVD (see info further down) is the perfect video companion to the GCC manual.

Judoka spend almost 80% of their time learning how to throw who don’t actually want to be thrown, so how do you think a non-Judoka will do against the Judo player. Simply put, if a Judo player gets their hands onto you then you will be hitting the ground with serious force.

7. No stranger gets in your house. Ever. Even if it’s a little girl screaming to use your phone to call her daddy because her mommy’s lying in the road bleeding to death. Call 911 for her. Otherwise, you open the door and 3 mutants rush in and a horrific home invasion begins.

As to the extent of the right: First, when threatened violence exists, it is the duty of the person threatened to use all prudent and precautionary measures to prevent the attack; for example, if by closing a door which was usually left open, one could prevent an attack, it would be prudent, and perhaps the law might require, that it should be closed in order to preserve the peace, and the aggressor might in such case be held to bail for his good behaviour. Secondly, if after having taken such proper precautions, a party should be assailed, he may undoubtedly repel force by force, but in most instances cannot, under the pretext that he has been attacked, use force enough to kill the assailant or hurt him after he has secured himself from danger; such as if a person unarmed enters a house to commit a larceny, while there he does not threaten any one, nor does any act which manifests an intention to hurt any one, and there are a number of persons present who may easily secure him, no one will be justifiable to do him any injury, much less to kill him; he ought to be secured and delivered to the public authorities. But when an attack is made by a thief under such circumstances, and it is impossible to ascertain to what extent he may push it, the law does not requite the party assailed to weigh with great nicety the probable extent of the attack, and he may use the most violent means against his assailant, even to the taking of his life. For homicide may be excused where a man has no other probable means of preserving his life from one who attacks him while in the commission of a felony, or even on a sudden quarrel he beats him, so that he is reduced to this inevitable necessity. And the reason is that when so reduced, he cannot call to his aid the power of society or of the commonwealth, and being unprotected by law, he reassumes his natural rights which the law sanctions, of killing his adversary to protect himself.

Practical applications, real world – grabs etc. Any instructor that trains realisitically and spends time on practical real world applications, not just sporting applications, breaking boards / bricks – not just the art you learn, but the person teaching it amd how they communicate. I mentioned Wing Chun, what we do is a highly modified version, but a good starting point.

Strikes to the face and head are important, but the attacker will expect them, so instead, block his right-handed attack with your left fist (or vice versa), and punch with your other hand straight into the soft spot below his sternum as hard as possible, twisting the hips. This target is the solar plexus, and will incapacitate him as effectively as a strike to the groin.

Nikki Turpeaux looks at practical options regarding concealed carry for women. Find out how women carry a concealed self-defense handgun without sacrificing comfort, lifestyle or preferred clothing. Options demonstrated include a 5.11 Tactical undershirt, fanny packs and backpacks; Galco bellyband; cross-body bag from Drago Gear; Kangaroo Carry microband; Safariland ALS OWB holster; Blackhawk belt clip;

A defendant who successfully invokes self-defense may be found not guilty or not liable. If the defendant’s self-defense was imperfect, the self-defense may only reduce the defendant’s liability. Imperfect self-defense is self-defense that was arguably necessary but somehow unreasonable. For example, if a person had a Good Faith belief that deadly force was necessary to repel an attack, but that belief was unreasonable, the defendant would have a claim of imperfect self-defense. In some jurisdictions, the successful invocation of such a defense reduces a murder charge to Manslaughter. Most jurisdictions do not recognize imperfect self-defense.

“Your system of using the Dropping Energy on striking has tripled the power of my strikes, I have followed the instructions on your dvds [Guided Chaos Combatives & Attackproof Companion Part 1], what a difference, it is hard to believe even as I am doing it how well your system works.”

Wing Chun martial arts master teaches 5 Self Defence moves everyone should know. Real Martial Arts Master teaches students to destroy the Boxer, Muay Thai fighter and Wing Chun fighter using basic headlock defense.

Many people are familiar with the term “black belt” and associate it with having a very high ranking in the practice of martial arts. However, there is much more to the system of the martial arts belts, including the order of their rankings and what each color belt means. 

Physical self-defense is the use of physical force to counter an immediate threat of violence. Such force can be either armed or unarmed. In either case, the chances of success depend on a large number of parameters, related to the severity of the threat on one hand, but also on the mental and physical preparedness of the defender.

Our focus will be on natural body movement, which most people revert to in a stressful or traumatic situation, natural movements will decrease the amount of thought, and time needed to react in dangerous situations. Our self-defense courses do not require you to learn a style or art to protect yourself. Our goal is to give you skills you can use immediately to avoid or prevent dangerous situations.

That being said, the 500 bullets altogether are divided into 20 boxes per case and 25 rounds per box. They are well-organized for easy handling. The casing on the other hand is made from nickel-plated brass construction therefore contributing to its excellent resistance to corrosion.

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