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I’m a RN/PHN who works in adult and juvenile detention facilities. I’ve assisted with CPI classes for five years. This year I became a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certified Instructor and joined a team of three Instructors who train healthcare staff—physicians, NPs, pharmacy staff, medical records technicians, mental health clinicians, and dental personnel.
Our programs are designed to work for everyone. No matter if you are short or tall, big or small, young or old, the material adapts to you. We believe that everyone has the right to protect themselves and their loved ones, so come see what you’ve been missing!
Someone may be interested in a self-defense workout for many different reasons. For one, certain people may live in areas where crime is common and self-defense is a necessity for “survival.” In other cases, people may want to learn self-defense and become stronger just in case or to boost their confidence. Also, self-defense workouts may relieve a lot of stress that a person may have.
Our courses are designed to give you knowledge, and to guide you through understanding situations and making proper decisions.  The physical portion of our curriculum was designed with the understanding that everyone will not have the same body type, strength level, or ability. Our instructors will tailor the curriculum to each individual’s ability, so that you can reach your full potential.
So while a lot of armchair badasses may think “I want to train to fight so I can pull the knife out of a mugger’s hand and shove it aaaalllll the way up his ass,” Richard does not consider that self-defense. Self-defense is saying, “Well shit, he can have my wallet. It’s not worth a freaking blade in my lung.” Or even better, saying, “That guy’s acting weird, I’m getting out of here” five minutes earlier.
The fifth reason relates back to both the second and fourth reasons, but is a distinct enough to be its own reason. The fifth is that by knowing these other issues, you will greatly assist yourself in communicating with the police and defending your actions in a court of law as to “why” you felt it was necessary to use physical force. Violence doesn’t happen in a vacuum, legal repercussions are as much of a danger as the physical assault. This is why you need to understand that aspect and how to survive the court battle as well as the violent encounter. If you cannot articulate “why” you felt it necessary to use physical force, the authorities it will turn into a “your word against his”. Unfortunately, as he is now “injured” the weight of the argument is on his side. That in the eyes of the law makes you the aggressor (read: the guilty party).
If we accept a social, historical, and materialist account of group and subject formation, and understand that groups are reproduced with the help of violence, both mundane and spectacular, then we can see why self-defense functions as more than protection from bodily harm. It will also be clear why self-defense is not external to questions of our political subjectivity. If we acknowledge that we are hierarchically organized in groups—by race, gender, and class, for example—which makes some groups the beneficiaries of structural violence and others disabled, harmed, or killed by it, we see how self-defense can either stabilize or undermine domination and exploitation.
It depends on the dojo where you want to train kenpo, some schools focus on realistic training which has a decent self defence training factor and others are more focused on the traditional mindset which makes it less effective on the street. If you can find a good dojo it is a effective self defence option. All the best
You’ll know a fighter is in a joint lock when you see them quickly hitting the ground, or their opponent, with an open hand. This is known as tapping. If one of the fighters “taps” it means that they’ve give up.
Wing Chun Kung Fu is the art that Yip Man taught to Bruce Lee, and which Lee rebelled against as too slow and formal for self-defense. That’s quite misleading. He meant that it was insufficient for him when fighting against professional martial art experts, like Wong Jack Man, with whom he fought a famous duel.
4)  Understanding of the law meant I knew I had to control my opponent after he hit the ground rather than continue to pound him/deal damage, called the police and requested bystanders/witness to please remain to give a statement,
I suspect that in ancient times many of the lethal martial arts were practiced differently then they are trained in most American Karate and Kung Fu schools as these were arts of war and were trained as such. And maybe Karate/Kung Fu/Aikido training is better then nothing. But against a committed, experienced, fit and aggressive street fighter, they do not level the field but rather make logical conjectures (ex. If you hit him in his solar plexus with the claw, he’ll go down, a strike to the temple will knock him out, a kick to the knee cap will cripple him). I’ve seen women street fighters beat the stuffing out of opponents after taking full mace to the face (in high school) and guys get hit by baseball bats and proceed to take baseball bat from attacker and beat them with it. I myself learned as a kid, while fighting a grown man, that many people don’t feel pain in their testicles when pumped up full of adrenaline…after having punched and pulled them multiple times. You can’t depend on applying pain you have to have tools to physically stop  your opponent.
Furthermore, it is unaffected by heavy and thick leather such as denim and leather. The projectile also comes with stable as well as clean burning propellants which functions to reduce recoil in light weapons not forgetting, it performs well and consistently in all temperatures.
The bullet travels from the muzzle with a velocity of 950 feet per second (fps) meanwhile the muzzle energy measures 460 foot pounds. This ammo is overall designed for hunting, target shooting and self-defense. Moving on to the bullet performance on the other hand, this solid projectile delivers unmatched consistency and reliability, while maintaining the near 100% weight retention for the most accurate shots.
It seems to be a more modernized style with some incorporated jiu jitsu principles. From what I have seen it should be quite effective for self defence if it is realistically trained, although they still use the lowered guard traditional karate stance which I am not specifically a fan of but that can be modified. All the best.

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