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If you live in a higher risk environment, you might find it more useful to include significant striking skills. For me, that means kicks over punches, simply because kicks are more devastating. So I would prefer Taekwondo or karate over boxing. The assumption here is that the danger level is higher, so the need to disable your attacker very quickly becomes more important. A shattered kneecap does that more reliably than a throw.
The ranking of most of the entries on this list does not account for the length of time it takes to master the given art. Krav Maga is #1 largely because it can be learned proficiently in only 3 to 6 months. But then, you can learn how to shoot the chest and head of a man-size silhouette target from 50 yards (46m) in one afternoon. And most street violence occurs within arm’s reach. No caliber smaller than the .380 (or .38 revolver) is recommended.
I suspect that in ancient times many of the lethal martial arts were practiced differently then they are trained in most American Karate and Kung Fu schools as these were arts of war and were trained as such. And maybe Karate/Kung Fu/Aikido training is better then nothing. But against a committed, experienced, fit and aggressive street fighter, they do not level the field but rather make logical conjectures (ex. If you hit him in his solar plexus with the dragon claw, he’ll go down, a strike to the temple will knock him out, a kick to the knee cap will cripple him). I’ve seen women street fighters beat the stuffing out of opponents after taking full mace to the face (in high school) and guys get hit by baseball bats and proceed to take baseball bat from attacker and beat them with it. I myself learned as a kid, while fighting a grown man, that many people don’t feel pain in their testicles when pumped up full of adrenaline…after having punched and pulled them multiple times. You can’t depend on applying pain you have to have tools to physically stop  your opponent.
Yoga is an excellent practice to complement your Krav Maga training. It increases flexibility, balance, and awareness, all of which can go a long way in keeping you alert and ready to defend yourself. If you have the means, taking an additional yoga class is a great idea, but if not, taking 15 to 20 minutes each day to practice a few basic yoga poses at home will still help.
This Hornady cartridge is designed to provide you with great critical defense, hence it’s obvious that this product is mainly used for self-defense purposes. Weighing 125 grains, it comes with a total of 25 rounds. To be honest, Hornady ammunition is a little pricey but I guarantee you, it will totally be well-worth your investment.
In all my life, I had never seen such a simplistic yet effective form of fighting. It is so simplistic, I almost felt insulted while learning it. As I am a MMA fighter, I knew 80% of the techniques already, and mastering the gun and knife defences was a breeze. At the same time, I was truly impressed.
Brad Steiner: With modern vehicles it is possible to extricate oneself from inside the trunk of a car if you keep a cool head. HOWEVER: the smart tactic is never to permit oneself to be locked inside a vehicle trunk in the first place. Pretending to comply, then suddenly knocking any weapon aside and attacking the abductor’s eyes/throat and then running, is — I think — a better tactic that offers a greater chance of survival, on balance. Obviously the abductor does not wish to kill the person whom he orders into the vehicle’s trunk, right away. I have always been a powerful advocate of permitting oneself to be taken from a primary crime scene, if humanly possible to offer resistance. Like escape-and-evasion in military contexts, THE SOONER AND FASTER ESCAPE IS UNDERTAKEN, THE BETTER! The escape from a vehicle trunk is good counsel, nonetheless, should one find oneself thus trapped, for whatever reason).
The same values that underpin self-defense support the defense of property. Generally a person has greater latitude in using physical force in the defense of her dwelling than in the defense of other property. In most jurisdictions deadly force is justified if a person unlawfully enters onto property and the property owner reasonably believes that the trespasser is about to commit a felony or do harm to a person on the premises. Deadly force may also be justified to prevent a Burglary if the property owner reasonably believes the burglar intends to kill or seriously injure a person on the premises. However, a person may not, for example, rig a door handle so that any person who enters the dwelling is automatically shot by a gun. (Katko v. Briney, 183 N.W.2d 657 [Iowa 1971]).
Stop the threat. That simple thought underlies all that Personal Defense Network does. The ability to stop a threat, efficiently and by whatever means possible, starts with an acceptance of this single concept. Whether by evasion, physical force, or the use of a firearm or other defensive tool, the no-nonsense self-defense training you find here will help you train to be safe in all facets of your life.
The gun defence is so effective that proper application will always leave you with the gun in one second, whether or not you are smaller than your opponent. There is nothing the attacker can do once the technique is initiated except running as fast as he can in the opposite direction. The knife defence is basically Muay Thai blocks with extremely basic jiu jitsu to disarm the knife, also incredibly effective. It also incorporates ground fighting, which is actually just the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu syllabus.
This martial arts discipline focuses on teaching its practitioners to effectively defend themselves against a larger sized opponent using leverage and proper technique. Hence, it is as lethal when practiced by females as it is for males.
Developed in Ryukyu Islands (now known as Okinawa), Karate was brought to mainland Japan in the 20th century. After World War II, Okinawa became one of the most important US military bases and became popular among American soldiers. This martial arts discipline has since been widely practiced around the globe. Recently, it was also announced to be included in the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics summer games.
No matter what kind of training or program that you are looking for, the Academy of Self Defense is sure to have something that you will enjoy. To get a better idea of what program(s) that you like the most, we are offering you a FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL! Take as many classes you want during your two weeks!
The samurai were deadly with weapons, like the sword and bow, but if they were ever disarmed, they needed a way to defend themselves. Jujutsu was developed to help these fierce warriors if they found themselves without a weapon.
OC spray comes in a variety of forms and sizes. Sometimes you can find sprays concealed inside lipsticks or other commonly carried objects. Most spray canisters are small and easily fit in the palm of your hand. Some are larger ones are the size of small fire extinguishers and are typically used for home defense.
Overall, this knife has a great feel. The size is just about perfect, and you will have no problem carrying this in your pocket or purse. The assisted unfolding feature is particularly nice for arming yourself quickly. I could see this being extremely important in a situation where seconds count and there is no room for fumbling. You can also easily open it without looking, or when it might be dark.
Likewise if you’re a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, you’re kind of screwed if you’re rolling on the ground with someone and three of his friends show up (actually you’re screwed fighting groups in general, any self defense instructor who claims he can teach you how to take on 4-5 people is just high on Steven Seagal movies.)
This enterprise has been offering reliable martial arts training and self defense training services for 9 years. The practical self defense training is based on awareness in everyday life. Their fighting methods include jeet kune do, and weapon defense, among others.
Flexibility work is slow paced and requires a lot of patience. The last thing you want to do is attempt to force your body into a deeper stretch in an effort to speed up progress. It won’t work, and you’ll increase your chances of injury. Instead, approach your stretches slowly, breathing deeply and allowing gravity to gradually take you further into the stretch. Over time, you will see your flexibility begin to increase
The ammo casing is made from brass construction, hence contributing to its durability in the long run because the alloy material ensures that it is non-corrosive. The popular boxer primer style on the other hand ensures that it is conveniently reloadable. In other words, the old primer can be removed and replaced with the new one, with just a simple pin punch.
Of course, if a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video is worth a million. Guided Chaos’ motion is one of the things that sets it apart. That said, the best DVDs to get first are the Attackproof Companion Part 1 and Guided Chaos Combatives DVDs. The entire Attackproof Companion Series Parts 1-3 (“companion” to our best-selling book) was intensively designed over 7 years to be the fastest, most efficient way to learn Guided Chaos.
When I started writing these articles I linked my club and name to my profile. As more people started reading my articles some people disagreed to what I wrote and started using my personal communication channels to attack me and debate my points instead of here which was too time constraining as also quite frankly a pain so I removed any personal connections to my profile. So on that point I do unfortunately do not give out my name any more. If you disagree to what I write then don’t use my advice. It is based on my opinion anyway. All the best.
Capoeira is a very flashy martial art and although one cannot deny that it has self defence qualities, I do not consider it a good option for self defence due to many aspects including have no element of suprise and not being effective for multiple opponent combat. Striking is an essential component of being able to defend yourself and one usually avoids kicks as you risk a lot of balance. Rather try Krav Maga or Muay Thai. If you really want to practice it for another reason then just do a Krav Maga course as well. All the best
If you are already well versed in MMA, Muay Thai and BJJ, Yoshinkan Aikido is not a bad choice, as your other arts will compensate for its weak points, there are many practical and fundamental aspects that will assist in your self defence. If you have never done KM though, its not a bad idea to do a short course and add that to your arsenal as well. All the best!
Lessons.com’s skilled instructors are the absolute best for self defense classes in Arvada, CO. Tell us about your needs and we’ll introduce you to experienced local teachers who are ready to help you.
Thank you for your feedback. I did not base my choice on the authenticity of the arts I recommended, as I am well aware that Moni’s version of Krav Maga is no where near the original form, but on the effectiveness of the techniques. In my opinion it is still more effective than all the forms you mentioned except for MCMAP, which I did not mention as availability to train in it outside the US is almost non existent. All the best
The Keysi Method has almost no kicks of any kind. It thrives on extreme close-quarters combat using every weapon the body can quickly wield in such a small space: fists, head, knees, and especially the elbows.
I have been considering taking Krav Maga. I studied Hwarangdo for 3 years and loved every minute of it. It’s a very effective and comprehensive combat art, and I found that even as a yellow belt, I could hold my own sparring and grappling against higher belts from other arts.

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