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Varying from the previous Hornady Critical Defense product above, this ammunition is custom grade made. They are said to have an excellent reputation among avid shooters and gun enthusiasts so you should keep a close lookout for this product, according to your personal preference.

CWRU Police Officers instruct RAD‌‌ (PDF)—Rape Aggression Defense­—self-defense training several times a year. The program empowers female students, faculty, and staff to combat various types of assaults by providing them with realistic self-defense tactics and techniques. This empowerment is taught through four basic principles: prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, while progressing on to basic hands-on defense training.‌

As for equipment, you will need a heavy bag, a speed-ball, a medicine ball, and boxing gloves so that you can perform some of the exercises listed above. Another David Robson article goes in depth on this equipment:

Equally out of touch is when some military combative system or a so-called “reality based self-defense” system claims that’s all you need. That’s just as unrealistic as saying a martial art is all you need.

Black Fist is one of a series of campaigns run from Russia designed to look like part of the American Black Lives Matter movement. CNN first reported last month on Blacktivist, a campaign whose Facebook page had more than 300,000 followers on Facebook.

You’ll see it in Chris Nolan’s Batman films. It was developed by Justo Dieguez and Andy Norman, based on Dieguez’s street fighting experiences in Spain. Batman’s method of fighting is understood from the comic books to require the utmost efficiency, because Batman is a genius at fighting crime, and will not waste time or effort in putting criminals away. Ten or twenty bad guys at a time routinely attack him, and Dieguez and Norman have developed the style to defend against this many people. It sounds impossible, but after 6 or 7 years of training in it, which is not too terribly long, anyone can perform all the necessary moves. You become a self-defense machine.

Work on the assumption that a good martial art, will also show you a ‘way in’ and a ‘way out’, we have many techniques, though will always look at ‘what if’, move goes wrong, timing etc – worst case scenario training. However good you are, you can make mistakes. Being human. Need to know not just how to fight / defend, but to what to do unwravel a mess if you make a mistake – scenario training. We practise stepping wrong way, walking into punches, everything the right way and wrong way, so if mistake – recognise, change, adapt.

Texas State Krav Maga will offer several individual classes for learning different features of Krav Maga. Such features include a lecture portion to enhance awareness of the individual’s surroundings and the ability to avoid escalations and dangerous states of social interaction. There are also features focusing on the physical knowledge that comes with the Krav Maga technique, such as chokes, wrist grabs, head locks, and other forms of defensive action.

Thank you for your feedback. I did not base my choice on the authenticity of the arts I recommended, as I am well aware that Moni’s version of Krav Maga is no where near the original form, but on the effectiveness of the techniques. In my opinion it is still more effective than all the forms you mentioned except for MCMAP, which I did not mention as availability to train in it outside the US is almost non existent. All the best

The attacker steps forward and throws a straight punch. You sidestep, snatch hold of his wrist, and twist around in time with his punch. Do it right, and it will fling him completely off balance, using his own momentum, while you whirl around, and twist his wrist toward the outside. He probably will not flip over like the classic theatrics in a Seagal film, but his wrist may well break. He’s unlikely to fight anymore after that.

I had my first class a couple weeks ago, came with a friend who has been going for a while. I will admit that doing the workouts by myself at a gym is nothing compared to doing a class with a group of people in Krav Maga!!Having worked out and learn self defense in one hour, I came away sweating…. Read more

The bullet weight is measured in grains. They don’t affect the performance of your shot as long as you use the right caliber. There are various bullet types in the market. The most common ones are the full metal jacket (FMJ) as well as the jacketed hollow point (JHP).

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