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To develop a critical theory of community defense, however, we need to move beyond the rhetoric of rights or the idea that all self-defensive violence is quasi-natural or nonpolitical. The self-defense I discuss in this essay is political because the self being defended is political, and as such it requires both normative and strategic considerations. This project seeks to articulate the dynamics of power at work in self-defense and the constitution of the self through its social relations and conflicts.

Magtech is a rather popular brand, where they are said to produce reliable cartridges for gun enthusiasts. The unique part is that, they manufacture their own primers, brass, powders and projectiles therefore contributing to its consistent and excellent quality. Moving on to the bullet features, it weighs 230 grain and is of the full metal case (FMC) type.

The problem is that most people do not differentiate between self-defense and fighting. And this is a critical distinction. Our definition of self-defense is simple. Any physical/mechanical means you use to get away from immediate danger and escape to safety.

We must, however, also be attentive to how resistance, and even preparations for it, can instrumentalize and reinforce problematic gender and race norms, political strategies, or sovereign politics. A critical theory of community self-defense should reveal these potentially problematic effects and identify how to counter them. There is, for example, an influential pamphlet, The Catechism of the Revolutionist (1869), written by Sergey Nechayev and republished by Black Panthers, which describes the revolutionist as having “no personal interests, no business affairs, no emotions, no attachments, no property, and no name.” This nameless, yet masculine, figure “has broken all the bonds which tie him to the civil order.” But who provides for the revolutionist and who labors to reproduce the material conditions of his revolutionary life? Upon whom, in short, does the supposed independence of the revolutionist depend?

Chokes cut off an opponent’s air supply, joint locks put add breaking pressure on a joint (such as the elbow or wrist) and cranks twist an opponent’s bodies into unnatural positions (which causes a great deal of pain). In most BJJ studios and tournaments, cranks are frowned upon or illegal.

Although the machismo and narcissism here is extreme to the point of being mythical—George Jackson said it was “too cold, very much like the fascist psychology”—it does speak to a twofold danger in practices of resistance. The first danger is that self-defensive practices are part of a division of labor that falls along the traditional fault lines of social hierarchies within groups. Men have, for instance, too often taken up the task of community defense in all contexts of resistance, which has the effect of reproducing traditional gender hierarchies and myths of masculine sovereignty. Considerations of self-defense must therefore be intersectionalist and aware of the transformative power and embodied nature of resistance, as discussed above. The group INCITE!, for example, seeks to defend women, gender nonconforming, and trans people of color from “violence directed against communities (i.e., police brutality, prisons, racism, economic exploitation, etc.)” as well as from “violence within communities (sexual/domestic violence).”

“The techniques taught in C.O.B.R.A.™ are quick. They are gross motor skills… It was that quick, that effective and I was able to maintain control of the situation which otherwise would have been chaotic.”

Principals: While there are many martial arts which contain multiple styles to be used on a case-by-case basis, none of them are quite as comprehensive as MMA. This single-combat focused fighting system encourages both users and teachers to incorporate the best of literally every single other martial art…Incorporates the best of literally every single other martial art. into their style, to be used as the situation calls for it. This can often be seen in the training of professional-level fighters, who – like playing a game of chess – will attempt to focus their styles on techniques that directly counter those of their opponents. For instance, if you are up against a championship boxer, a good MMA fighter would suggest taking the fight to the ground and counter their striking with grappling. Every MMA gym is different and they all have their own focus, as do individual instructors, so it’s fairly easy for any student to find a version they like and double down on it.

Kendo has the opposite problem. The sword is a flexible bamboo stick, and you fight while wearing protective plastic armor. OK. I’m sure it’s good exercise. You can use your high level of fitness, when faced with a real world attacker, to run away. Not practical.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an art that needs to be mentioned. On a one on one situation, BJJ is pretty amazing as a system of self-defence. It does however have weaknesses when it comes down to weapon defence and group attacks. 

Prioritize simplicity. Remember: you aren’t an athlete training to be a blackbelt, but to defend yourself in real-world scenarios regardless of your physical fitness. Expect the instructor to respect this. Whatever technique is being taught, they should focus on what you are capable of doing right now, rather than force you to achieve a goal beyond your reach. Favor classes that teach simple moves that you can perform easily.[16]

I know people have used these techniques and lived in the street, but if you’re training for self defense you need to focus on what’s going to give you your biggest bang for your buck and not put you at an unnecessary risk.

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Millions of people work in an enclosed environment and may not have access to a defensive firearm. Are they helpless if confronted by an armed bad guy? Definitely not, as a work environment offers a plethora of items that can be used as defensive tools or self defense weapons. Kelly Muir demonstrates several items that

Taekwondo is Korean form of martial art, which originated and was developed in South Korea especially around Seoul. It’s characterized by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks. The techniques of taekwondo were initially developed from elements of karate and Chinese martial arts but later on, further developments were made, which over time gave way to the modern form of taekwondo, a widely practiced form of martial arts today.The South Korean Armed forces have adopted taekwondo as their major form combat technique. Taekwondo became an Olympic event in the year of 2000.Interestingly India has also a made a Taekwondo federation back in the year 1969 for the betterment of this sport.

Are you looking to buy your first defensive handgun? Ernie Traugh of Cedar Valley Outfitters has some advice for first-time buyers. So many good choices are available today — where do you start? Should you listen to what friends and family tell you is the best handgun? Maybe it’s the best for them, but that

Anything you can do to improve your flexibility will benefit your Krav Maga training and overall sense of well-being. Even a few minutes a day will make an impact. However, if you want to do everything possible to increase flexibility, you might want to take advantage of these simple tips.

Eventbrite removed the events from its platform after CNN contacted the company on Tuesday. “Fraudulent or illegal activity has no place on Eventbrite. We remain vigilant and will continue to remove any bad actor engaged in this behavior,” the company said in a statement.

This has the effect of placing a defendant who feels he or she was justified in using force in the unfortunate situation of having to admit to the underlying criminal act. This is a tricky defense strategy, and if you are facing such a situation, you should be careful in attempting it. Please speak directly with your criminal defense attorney about this.

When I was studying Tai Chi Chuan in the 1990s, we also studied Chin Na (grappling and controlling) The techniques applied in Qin Na coincided with techniques applied in Tai Chi Chuan. It should be taught in Tai Chi Schools (Qwoons) as well as Shuai Jiao (wrestling). Each component of martial arts (punching, kicking, wrestling, and grappling & controlling) should be studied and practiced separately and later in a form that combines all four into one complete system.

This article presents ethnographic research on women’s self-defense training and suggests that women’s self-defense culture prompts feminists to refigure our understanding of the body and violence. The body in feminist discourse is often construed as the object of …

Created by 2 men, Justo Duieguez and Andy Norman it can be described as a Spanish street fighting style which was inspired by Justo’s time in Spanish mines as a child. It is a gritty and dynamic style that is designed for  a person who is attacked by multiple opponents. It was even featured in several films most notably Batman Begins. 

To remain in active status, an armed security officer must re-qualify with their firearm, maintain eligibility through Lautenberg Certification, and maintain a valid class two medical certificate. Armed security officers must also successfully complete recurrent training every five years.

All “self-defense” is is taking these same skill sets and applying them in a slightly different context. To a large degree, they are the same skills with some slight “tweaks.” Properly applied, you will never have to use physical force to protect yourself because you will learn to steer yourself clear from situations where violence is likely.

Judo is great for learning how to take someone down. But Judo’s main emphasis is just that, learning how to take someone to the ground, but once on the ground, many Judo practitioners are not nearly as skilled as a wrestler or Jujitsu fighter.

Pepper (OC) spray is an extremely effective self-defense weapon. It is powerful, easy to use, and comes in a variety of compact, pocket-sized forms. At about only $10 a canister, it is also one of the most affordable defense weapons on the market.

Brazilian JuJitsu- most metro areas have an abundance of BJJ schools. And if you look, you’ll find schools with 50% or more women. And if you are rolling on the mat in close physical contact…. Well, I also know of multiple marriages that started as partners on a BJJ mat.

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